Shout Out To Our Local Towing Service For Moving Our Bike To Race | MX 247
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Shout Out To Our Local Towing Service For Moving Our Bike To Race

Towing Dirt Bikes To Race

Shout Out To Our Local Towing Service For Moving Our Bike To Race

Bike racing is an exhilarating experience. Amidst this pandemic, we are grateful to still be able to take part in safe (if not paired down) competitive events. Other riders can relate, it’s like a breath of fresh air to be able to do something you love even through the hard times.

These riders can also tell you that moving your own motorcycles cross country sucks, and hiring a trusted transport service is a huge weight off of your shoulders – after all rider should worry about one thing, and one thing only: winning each race.

For our money it makes sense to outsource this service, not to a costly auto transporter (ie: the guys who move Lambos for a living), I’m talking about a local, experienced towing service that know how the hell to move a 2-wheeled racing bike with care.

Why?  We’re glad you asked…

Why We Hired Towing Service For Motorcycles

You might be wondering why someone like us, who seems to know a lot about motorcycles outsource something as simple as towing them. Shouldn’t we know how to properly tow our motorcycles and do it ourselves? Do we not have the right equipment for the job?

While we are quite knowledgeable about motorcycles and we do have the equipment to tow our motorcycles, it’s not an easy process, and is rather hard on the old joint, especially when you have to do it for 4 bikes at a time, sometime multiple times a day.

Full Speed Towing in Fort Lauderdale Florida good example of a trustworthy towing service we’ve used while touring in the southeastern United States.  They have a fleet of trucks for their normal business operations and has always been flexible when called upon.

Safe Multiple Motorcycle Transport

You see, our local towing companies have far more towing equipment than we have. They have larger trucks that can be used to transport not only one but many motorcycles at the same time. For our own trucks, the best we could probably fit there would be 2-3. However, that isn’t the best for our motorcycles and for us too, especially when we’re using them for the race.

Yes, we know how to check them and we do check them before the races but figuring out that they have been damaged during the towing is a risk we don’t want to take. Towing companies have larger trucks that could fit multiple motorcycles without cramping them like sardines.


Aside from keeping our motorcycle in its best shape, we also had to make sure we were in great shape for the races. Driving can be fun but not for all. It can also be a tiring experience. We would rather be better rested so we know we can push ourselves more for the race. After all, we are there to win and have fun at the same time. It wouldn’t be a lot of fun if our bodies are already hurting even before the race started.

Additionally, did you know that you shouldn’t drive all the way to your destination while towing your motorcycle? You definitely have to regularly check it and see whether it is still properly attached. Although you could make use of high-quality straps, the road conditions can still loosen them up. Plus, those are really meant to be regularly adjusted. If you use very rigid ones, you may end up damaging your motorcycle in the process.

Regularly checking up on your motorcycle would require you to stop about every 30 minutes. We personally don’t mind that as long as our motorcycles are safe. However, if you don’t want to do that, you just hire a professional to do the towing just like we did. We all deserve that convenience.

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