Supercross Season For 2020 Postponed Or Cancelled Due To Coronavirus | MX 247
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Supercross Season For 2020 Postponed Or Cancelled Due To Coronavirus


Supercross Season For 2020 Postponed Or Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

As racers ready themselves for the Supercross, the excitement is halted with news of event cancelations or postponements. The Monster Energy AMA Supercross series has 17-round schedules for the 2020 season. However, the schedule hasn’t been followed due to the world-wide Coronavirus pandemic. The Supercross 2020 season is postponed as with most events worldwide.

Due to the federal government regulations with regard to the virus, the schedule still remains unclear.

The first SX event canceled due to the virus was the Seattle Supercross. This was canceled because the governor of Washington, Governor Jay Inslee, prohibited events that included 250 or more people. This is effective not only in Seatle but also in surrounding counties.

Supercross Without Spectators

After the Seattle event was canceled, the Indianapolis Supercross was also next to be canceled. Even with cancelations, FELD Entertainment is trying its best to somehow schedule and finish the 2020 season, even if that is at the expense of the spectators. Rumors say that they are considering continuing the event even without spectators in the stadium.

The 2020 Supercross season includes 10 events for the 250 West divisions. On the other hand, the 250 East riders only had a total of 9 scheduled events. With cancellations and the last two rounds postponed, no one is sure what’ll happen to the season.

The Waiting Game

In Daytona Ken Rozen and Eli Tomac are tied when it comes to points. However, the late-race pass resulted in a win and a lead when it comes to points for Eli Tomac. With no upcoming events announced, many are wondering if Eli already won the Championship.

FELD still hasn’t made an official statement about this matter so fans all over the world would still have to wait. We all still have to wait whether they’ll be able to finish the season or not. For now, all that can be done is to keep yourselves healthy and don’t forget to wash your hands.

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