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Motocross Riding Gear: What You Need To Wear

Motocross riding gear

Motocross Riding Gear: What You Need To Wear

Not all people are brave enough to look danger straight in the face. However, there is just something so exciting and enjoyable when you do. That’s the feeling we get whenever we take our motorcycle for a ride on the dirt.

It’s true, there are some risks when it comes to riding a motorcycle but the enjoyment trumps that. No one can deny that motocross riders are daredevils.

However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t value our life or health. That’s why we also take precautions when hitting the dirt. One way to do that is to wear the right motocross riding gear.

Whether you are a beginner or adept at riding motorcycles in the dirt, protective gear should always be worn. There are different pieces and we will be discussing each one below.


Helmets are essential for your protection and there are different kinds of helmets you can get. When getting a helmet, make sure that it is properly fitted so it can shield your head efficiently from impact.

Most motocross helmets look different from other motorcycle helmets because they offer even more protection. They can have a sun visor or they can also have an opening to accommodate your goggles. The chin is usually elongated for even more protection from debris like rocks that could go flying as you ride on the dirt.

There’s a lot of helmets to choose from. Each will have different features such as being lightweight or having superb ventilation. All those are great but one of the most important things to look for is the safety certification provided by the Department of Transportation.

A properly fitted helmet is also very important. It should fit snugly and not move around when you move your head. It is common to feel that your new helmet is tight but it will fit better as you use it.


Your eyes need protection from the debris too and that is possible when you wear goggles. The goggles should be able to protect your eyes without impairing your vision. Whenever you shop for goggles, make sure you bring the helmet that you are going to wear it with. Try it out first to see if the two will fit together comfortably.

Goggles, just like your helmets, should also be well ventilated to prevent them from fogging up. Some goggles are already made with anti-fog lenses to make sure they don’t disrupt your vision.

Depending on the terrain you ride your motorcycle on, you might want to get roll-offs or tear-offs. These are very thin sheets of film that you can either tear-off or roll-off once they get too muddy. These are usually attached to the sides of the goggles. With these, you don’t have to stop and clean your goggles to have a clear view once again.

Jersey And Pants

Motocross pants and jerseys can come in a variety of styles and colors. Although they look simply fashionable, they are made of materials that are rip-resistant. This helps prevent some scrapes and cuts that riders could have while riding their motorcycle.

Usually, these are made of nylon because they are not only tough but also quick-drying. Some jerseys and pants are even made of moisture-wicking materials, which makes them very comfortable to wear even if you get sweaty.

Body Armor

Provide added protection for your torso against crashes by wearing body armor. These would usually be made of shoulder pads, chest protectors and some also have kidney protectors.

There are body armors that are designed to be worn under the jersey while there are others that can also be worn on top of them. Make sure to check and buy the jersey that will fit you with the armor on it.

Additionally safety armor would include a neck brace that will help protect the neck but will limit the range of motion. These are designed to absorb the shock of impact to prevent neck and vertebrae strains. These are ideal if you are doing some stunts or trying to push yourself to extreme riding.

Elbow And Knee Guards

Apart from body armor, you should also be protecting your other joints like the elbows and knees. There are pads that protect these areas from impact and the debris due to crashing, landing or falling off of your motorcycle.

Additionally, there are also knee braces, aside from the knee guards. These are more expensive than the knee guards but they offer more protection because they present the knees from being twisted.


Gloves can be bought separately or as a set with the jersey and pants. However, you have to make sure they fit properly. When trying them out, try to hold up your hand just like you would position them while riding your motorcycle. Imagine gripping the handlebars and feel whether they are comfortable or not.

The gloves usually have padding on the palm for improved protection.Sometimes, it could be also found on the finger areas. Make sure that they feel great when worn. Bunching up on the paddings or seams that rub against your hands could feel okay while trying them out. However, they could become unbearable when you’re already riding. So carefully check before making the purchase.


Motocross riders don’t just wear any shoes while riding. They equip themselves with motocross boots that protect not only the feet but the ankles and shin too. Usually, these are made from leather material reinforced with plastic plates.

The soles of the boots could receive the most wear and tear due to contact with the footpegs. The good news is that some manufacturers offer replaceable ones so you don’t have to buy a new pair of boots every time the sole gets worn out..

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