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How To Smoothly Shift Gears On A Motorcycle

professional smoothly shifting gears on a motorcycle

How To Smoothly Shift Gears On A Motorcycle

Have you ever dreamed of competing in motocross? There is more to motocross than simply knowing how to ride a motorcycle. You have to be in control of your motorcycle so you can properly maneuver it and win the race.

Winning the race isn’t just about speed, it is also about slowing down at the right moments. You also have to be ready to quickly react to whatever may come your way.

One of the things that you really need to know is how to properly shift gears smoothly. Let’s take you through the process of how to do that.

Shifting Gears Properly

The key to proper gear shifting is body coordination. To smoothly shift gears, your body should be well-coordinated to control the different mechanical parts of the motorcycle. You are using your hands, feet, and eyes when shifting. Here are the steps that you need to practice and master.

  1. From a stationary position pull the clutch towards your body
  2. Click the shift lever with your left foot and select the first gear
  3. Rev the engine slowly by using the throttle
  4. Gradually release the clutch lever as the engine revs.
  5. Once the clutch is released, the motorcycle will start to move slowly. You can use the throttle to increase the speed until you reach the peak rpm for that gear. The peak rpm for each gear varies. It’s important to know the peak rpm for each gear so that you’ll know when to shift gears.
  6. Once the peak rpm is reached for a certain gear, you need to pull the clutch lever again.
  7. Slowly release the throttle then shift to a higher gear so you can speed up.
  8. Once the higher gear is selected, you can use the throttle to add more speed. The steps are repeated when you want to move to a higher gear.

Shifting To A Lower Gear

Shifting to a higher gear enables you to speed up. However, shifting to a lower gear is just as important. You must do it properly because when the shifting and clutch timing is off, you could end up in an accident.

Shifting to a lower gear shouldn’t be sudden. The engine needs to gradually slow down using the engine brake before you shift gears. You can check this by taking a look at your rpm.

Gear shifting happens quickly and timing it properly is essential for a proper and smooth downshift. A sudden downshift can make the bike jolt or the rear wheel skid.

Practice Gear Shifting

Simply reading the instructions on shifting gears is easy. Actually doing it can be more challenging and certainly needs practice. You may not be able to shift smoothly at first but constant practice will help.

When practicing, make sure you are in a safe environment to lessen the risk of accidents. Make sure that you also wear protective gear. An empty parking lot is a great place to practice.

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