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Want To Become An ATV Racer – Start Here

ATV Racing

Want To Become An ATV Racer – Start Here

We might be biased, but we think motocross racing of all stripes rocks for would-be racer of all ages and types.   But unlike ready-to-go sports like soccer or basketball, this sport requires quite a bit more planning, and funds, just get started.

Although the right gear and dirt bike help, it is not as simple as buying a supped-up ATV and heading for the race.

So to start you off on the right foot, here’s a short list of things you should investigate before going all in…

Join the ATVA

If you want to participate in the race for ATV, you will need a membership. If you are not a member you won’t be able to get into the racing. Try to become a member of All Terrain Vehicle Association where you can bring in your 2 wheeler and ride for fun.

Find a race

If you are competitive soul, it is possible that you are not just upto racing for fun. Try to enrol yourself in any competitive racing tournament. It is important that you know that the AMA sanctioned events including ATV events to ensure that you get the right play.

Know the rules

Before you start with the race it is important for you as a rider to know all the rules of the race. This is one of the most important part of racing. Remember that you are there to win and if you do not follow the race rules, you might probably be disqualified even before you win. Try to ensure that you know the rules and conform it with the people around you before you heard the word go!

Wear the appropriate Gear

This is one part where one cannot stress enough on the aspect of safety. Safety is one of main concerns especially during races. Try to ensure that you wear googles, pants, shirts and boots which are thick. Try to put on jersey if possible and wear clothing which cover your face and body. One of the most important aspect is to wear a helmet.

Know your class

Learn that there are many classes of the same game and understand that no amateurs  don’t race in the first class. There are also age divisions and also gender division which can help you enter the race with clear mind and you can be sure of the mandatory accessories that you need to keep in mind before you check out the rules.

Attend a rider’s course

This can be one of the best ways to ensure that you have the right course to help you with the actual race. Try to be specific with the techniques and methods which people might use to win. This can give you an upper hand in the race and help you move up the ladder sooner.

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