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Upgrades For A Faster ATV

atv racing

Upgrades For A Faster ATV

Dirt bike riding, street riding or riding an ATV is a fun experience. You may even have a friendly race with your peers and that makes you decide to really go into ATV racing. When you do decide to join ATV racing events, there are some changes that you can and should do to your ATV.

Making these changes on your ATV can certainly make it faster but there are also some upgrades that are required for you to enter the ATV racing event. If you are really up for ATV racing, here are a few changes you need to make:

Nerf Bars

Adding nerf bars to your ATV doesn’t really make it faster or more powerful but it is a requirement by most races. It helps protect your feet and legs. When choosing nerf bars, find those that are made of aluminum because they are very light.

You can attach these on your own or you can have someone else do it to ensure that it is properly attached and aligned.

Kill Switches

Another requirement for ATV racing is the kill switch. You can get either a push-type or a pull-type kill switch. Either way, it is used to stop the engine for the driver’s safety. In case you come off the ATV and it continues to run, it can either drag you or run over other people.

Racing Tires

Upgrading the racing tires can give you an edge over your competitors. These tires have threads that are suitable for loose track terrain, which is usually the scenario with ATV racing. They improve cornering due to the stiff knobs found on them. The treads are also wide-spaced for an improved bite and easier cleaning.


Apart from the tires, you should also focus on the wheels. You need strong wheels that can withstand aggressive riding scenarios or jumps. With ATV racing you really need to upgrade both the tire and the wheels because they will complement each other. A cracked wheel even with a good tire will not only improve your chances of loosing but also hurting yourself.


There isn’t a single suspension that is perfect for all ATV riders. It should be greatly based on your weight as well as riding style. Rebuilding your stock shocks is the best way to go but if it cannot be rebuilt, that’s the only time when you should consider a replacement.


Handlebars come in a variety of sizes and styles. The one that will help you win the race is the one that you are most comfortable with. Although your comfort plays a huge role in selecting the handlebars to use, make sure that they are durable and can withstand the punishment due to racing.

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