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Tips For Beginners On Preparing For Racing

ATV racing

Tips For Beginners On Preparing For Racing

Racing Motorcross can be an exhilarating experience. There is the adrenaline rush just like any other racing event. Plus, there are also some risks, and one way of helping you lessen such risks is to properly prepare yourself for them. So how exactly do you prepare for ATV racing? Just follow the tips below:

Use Safety Gear

Whether you’re on a practice run or on the actual race itself, make sure you use or wear safety gear. Helmets, goggles, boots, chest protectors, long sleeves, pants, and gloves are among the essential things you should have and use. Riding ATVs can be dangerous, especially if you don’t really know how to do it properly. That risk also increases while you are racing so make sure you always wear your safety gear.


Practicing is a great way to improve your chances of winning the race and also of improving your safety. With practice, you’ll be able to know more on how to control your vehicle. During practice, you can start with slower speeds and just increase when you’ve already mastered the basics. There are courses you can attend to help you know the basics and even give you tips on racing.

Choose A Wide, Open Area

If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start learning to ride in an open space rather than get on any trail. An open space that doesn’t have any obstacles can help you focus on how to control the ATV. Practice your turns, slowing down or speeding up.

Remove Distractions

When riding your ATV as a beginner, you should remove all distractions. If you are just learning, have someone who knows how to ride and teach be with you. You don’t need an audience because it can just make you more conscious about what you’re doing. Having other people there may also push you to impress them, which could be very dangerous especially for a beginner at ATV racing.

Prepare Your Body

ATV racing can be a physically demanding sport. That’s why you should make sure your body is strong enough for it. You’ll be needing much arm strength to control the steering, especially at fast speeds. You can improve your body through exercises, cross-training, running, or even swimming. Keeping your body in good shape will help you have the strength for the race.

Prepare Your ATV

The rider shouldn’t be the only one who is prepared before racing. The ATV itself should be carefully checked and inspected. Even if you are not yet on the actual race, you should know how to inspect and check your ATV before taking it for a ride. This can prevent you from getting injured or even having a fatal accident. You can also do some upgrades on your ATV to make it faster.


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